About Lil Threadz

The Story of a Mom, a Baby and a Dream....

By Nicole Yampolsky

Lil Threadz was started at around 2am on a sleepless night in the summer of 2011. My 18 month old son was still waking up throughout the night, and while attempting to fall back to sleep I turned to my husband and said, "I have an idea. I'm going to make kid's shirts". "OK honey" he mumbled as he turned and continued to doze. At the time, I had no design background and no clue how to use a sewing machine. But I was always up for a challenge.

Rewind a few years - I graduated from law school and entered the workforce. My last job was with a finance company on Wall St. I was laid off during the economic crisis, right before I found out I was pregnant with my son. As difficult as it was financially, I made it a priority to be a stay at home mom after he was born. Being the type of person who can't sit still and needs to constantly be occupied, I really wanted to find a way to bring in some extra money. There was no way I could return to my previous work life and spend my weekdays away from my family. I decided to literally get creative.

While growing up I had loved crafting and working with my hands. I was always drawn to design and aesthetic beauty....textures, colors, shapes and the way that finishing a project and sharing it with somebody always made me feel so good. I so badly wanted to capture that again. Being a new mom, my new found appreciation for all things children seemed to fit perfectly. That night laying awake in bed it all clicked and lil threadz was born.

Once the idea had taken hold I couldn't stop thinking about it. I moved full steam ahead. I searched high and low for super soft, eco friendly blank children's tees and fun fabrics and started putting my ideas to the test. In all honesty my beginning creations were pretty awful, but if at first you don' succeed, try, try again. And I tried over and over (and over) again. My husband could have told me this was a complete waste of time but instead he helped find more efficient ways for me to create the shirts. He helped me find supplies and my first sewing machine. Once I had a few designs that I thought actually looked good I posted them on etsy and it was off to the races. One sale turned into many, and before long I was wondering how I was going to fill all my orders. I had a little basement studio which over time took over a big part of my living space.

Fast forward to today. My husband, once my biggest cheerleader, is now an important part of the company. We now have a studio space outside of our home and have been fortunate enough to find a few wonderful helpers to share in our constantly growing workload. Since it was so hard to find blank tees that fit my needs, we now make most of our designs on our own line of eco friendly organic tees, made sweatshop free to our specifications in Los Angeles, CA.

Being a part of the etsy community has been such a blessing. We are so fortunate to be able to share our designs with our customers and the special little ones in their life. Since the beginning we have always put the customer first. Whether they want a design completely customized to their specifications, or just need someone to help them decide on a theme, we always do our best to help out any way we can. We know that without our customers lil threadz would not exist today, and that philosophy has been the number one driver of our success. We have so many repeat customers - each new sale is usually followed by more orders over the following years. I love the fact that I have developed actual friendships with so many moms all over the world through my little shop.

Thanks for taking the time to read the story of lil threadz! I hope you enjoy the shop. If you have any questions, please, contact me at any time. I look forward to working with you on your very own lil threadz design:)